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  • Suits all building and subcontracting trades.
  • Quickly and accurately estimate building costs to save you time and money.
  • Creates detailed reports for labour, material and subcontractor costs for any project.
  • Builds a library of items you can use repeatedly for all projects.
  • Quickly updates your prices as labour and material costs change.
  • Provides you with your own online secure data base that no one else can access or see.
  • Stores your information on our secure server, so you won't lose data if your computer is down for any reason.
  • Has no costly software upgrades.
  • Immediate access to the program – nothing to download.
  • Allows you to work from any computer with Internet access.



THE No.1 CHOICE for construction cost estimating
Trade Estimating is online estimating software that allows trade contractors and subcontractors to do all their construction cost estimating.

Our unique and easy-to-use program was developed to make construction cost estimating as simple as possible.

Now a trade contractor and subcontractor have an affordable building cost estimating program that operates on the Internet from any computer (PC or Mac), anywhere (including an Internet café).

Estimating software
With Trade Estimating, you build your own library of your material and labour components in our estimating software. Once you've set up your initial Item Book, future estimates are fast and accurately produced by simply selecting items from your Item Book library. The Trade Estimating software handles all data rate conversions including prices, materials and labour costs. Trade Estimating has no limitations on the number of items, or quantity of areas that can be calculated with our estimating software. Not only is the interface powerful enough to handle a vast number of different calculations, but you'll also be amazed at just how easy the estimating software is to use, even with large projects.

To get started, simply click here or on the Pricing button and scroll down to the Membership button, sign up and pay. You can be using our full estimating software system in minutes. It takes about 10–15 minutes to become familiar with the Trade Estimating software. See How It Works, and the trade examples on the Products page, and our online help system will guide you through every step of the way.

Advantages of online estimating software
There are many advantages to online estimating software some of these are;

  • It’s cheaper because the software is online our costs are a lot lower, and we pass the savings onto you.
  • All future upgrades are included because it is online you do not have to do anything and you have immediate access to your new software.
  • Rental of a secure off site data base in the event that your computer is stolen or destroyed in a fire you will not lose your valuable work since no data is stored on your computer.
  • Security as your data is encrypted and kept on our secure web site and backed up every day. It can only be accessed by you and those you give access to.
  • Multiple access points because the system is online you can access your account on any computer with an internet connection. This is handy when you do not have access to your office computer because it is not working or when you are away from your office. Use your laptop on site.

Trade Estimating software was written specifically for trade contractors
All trade contractors and subcontractors can use the Trade Estimating software (see Product Examples on the Products page). Because the estimating software is a frame work and you enter your own material and labour costs it will be specific to your trade. With this system you can go into as much detail as you want, from the major material components right down to screws, nails, glue, etc and the labour it takes to fix them.

  • Labour reports which give you a full breakdown of costs and hours it should take to complete each component you priced.
  • Material reports detailing the quantities of materials for each area of the job so you can order your materials as required at each stage of the job.

The software is fast
Nobody wants to sit waiting for pages of a website to load. The website and software have been designed to operate fast using Pentium 2 or better and a connection speed of 33 kbps or faster. Once the first page of the web site and the first page of the program have been loaded into your cache all that changes is the data.



or see examples for your trade here... PRODUCT EXAMPLES


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